Oct 04-07 Raven Offshore Loads the Ocean Glory in Nanaimo, BC with 100,000,000.00 USD in yachts most bound for the Ft Lauderdale Boat Show

27 Jun 2016  Raven Offshore Loads the Star Kvarven in Antwerp, Belgium bound for New Westminster, BC

22 Jun 2016 SCL Basilisk calls Nanaimo and RAVEN OFFSHORE YACHT SHIPPING offloads 15 yachts after a great sailing from Port Everglades which included our inaugural port call in Ceiba, Puerto Rico.  A total of 29 yachts were on her deck during this voyage!

27th May 2016 Raven loads SCL Basilisk in Port Everglades bound for West Coast.

May 6th 2016 RAVEN OFFSHORE offloads 125′ Motoryacht in Hong Kong.

18 April 2016,  Our Ship BBC Emerald Successfully offloads 14 Yachts in Nanaimo, BC  and heads to Hong Kong for discharging inn our final port.

March 18 2016,  Raven Offshore brings in our first ship of the spring season BBC Emerald to move a full deck load of yachts to the West Coast.

18 December 2015  NYK IBI Loads for a westbound sailing in Port Everglades alongside Clipper New York as she unloads from a safe and successful sailing.

Late Nov, 2015  Clipper New York sets sail with a full load of yachts looking for warmer horizons eastbound to Port Everglades.

October 3 2015 Raven’s ship Nordana Emilie loads a Royal Navy prototype Fast Delivery Landing Craft bound for The Great Pacific Northwest

29 Sep, 2015  Thorco Isadora  Raven loads 85,000,000.00 USD worth of yachts headed to the Ft Lauderdale Boat Show…ON TIME! 

21 Aug, 2015 Thorco Clairvaux  Raven Offshore loaded yachts in Valleyfield, Quebec for the first time. Clairvaux  completed in Chemainus after stops in Port Everglades and Ensneada.

21 May, 2015 M/V TIBERBORG  Westbound to Golfito, CR, La Paz,MX, Ensenada, MX and Chemaius.  17 yachts offloaded in Chemainus BC.

19 March, 2015 NYK “IYO” loads in Port Everglades, (the second collaboration with NYK-Hinode and RAVEN using IYO) with yachts headed to La Paz, Ensenada, Chemainus and Kushiro, Japan.

February 28th, 2015 M/V PATRIA sails back to Port Everglades with another full load of boats from Ensenada, MX to finish a Round Trip sailing with J. Poulsen (ship owners) RAVEN was proud to carry 2 boats for delivery to the UNITED STATES NAVY.

21 January, 2015  RAVEN OFFSHORE sets sail with the first ship from East to West in 2015.  M/V “PATRIA” heads west from Port Everglades bound for Golfito, CR, La Paz, MX and Ensenada, MX wuth a full deckload of yachts.

THORCO CASSIOPIEA loaded in Freeport, Bahamas and sailed for Hilo, Hawaii with the sport fisherman “Abunai”.  This was the inaugural sailing of our direct Hawaii service from the Bahamas. Dec 26th, 2014

ShipRaven and GRIEG STAR  at it again with the sailing of STAR LOUISIANA from Squamish, BC to Ensenada, La Paz, Port Everglades, Baltimore and Vlissingen, Nederlands, Nov 01, 2014

07 October 2015,  Raven sends another yacht to Oceana.  ShipRaven  loaded  a 55′ Fleming aboard M/V SIANGTAN (our second time using her) in Vancouver bound for Tauranga, NZ

Raven Offshore successfully loads another ship westbound to Chemainus from Port Everglades  NYK IYO set sail Saturday o4 October with a load of yachts for the West Coast.

ShipRaven  loads another factory new Westport Yacht (40m) bound for Ft Lauderdale on the CLIPPER NEWARK.

Raven Offshore set sail from Port Everglades to Victoria with the HHL MACAO

ROYS “teams up” with Seven Star to deliver yet another load of yachts from Florida to North America West Coast aboard AAL Dalian.

Raven Offshore Loads “Stultifera Navis” Classic Feadship on M/V Siangtan Vancouevr to Sydney, AUS

Raven Offshore Loads another GRIEG STAR Ship Kai Xuan with Yachts bound for Flushing, Holland from Vancouver (Squamish, BC)

Raven “Code Sahres” deck on Diamantgracht with 7 yachts from Florida to Mexico and Victoria, BC

Raven Offshore Yacht Shipping sails from Victoria with 32,000,000.00 USD worth of yachts on SCL BERN bound for Ft Lauderdale

Raven/MHL chosen to load “Antique” North Sea Trawler” aboard GRIEG STAR Lines vessel Star Lofoten

Raven Offshore sails off from Victoria to Port Everglades aboard HHL Amazon

Raven Offshore ships 112′ Westport aboard M/V Flevogracht

Raven/MHL Assist in loading the Martini Scan in Chemainus BC

Raven Offshore Yacht Shipping loads the Star Lofoten Bound for Ft Lauderdale

Raven Offshore Yacht Shipping loads yet another Yacht! Our crew did a fantastic job loading a 65′ Munson on the Star Laguna from GRIEG STAR in Beautiful Squamish, British Columbia- A special thanks to our loadmasters Oliver and Carlos from Marine Heavy Lift Services- www.mhlift.com and Grieg Star for a perfect job done!

Vancouver, BC load to Ft. Lauderdale, FL with MHL Services