Our Loadmasters are the best in the world!

Raven Offshore Yacht Shipping is a direct service provider in the Yacht as cargo shipping sector. We work with the yacht loading method crew at MHL Services and use the world’s best loadmasters to ensure quality, care and reliability during your transport.  All lifting gear, cradling, loading and off loading is done by MHL Services (Marine Heavy Lift Services) loadmaster specialists to ensure quality and safety between destinations.
Oliver Edwards
Oliver EdwardsLoadmaster Specialist
Mr. Edwards is considered to be one of the most accomplished loadmasters in the lift on/lift off yacht as cargo business.  He has successfully loaded 4,000 + yachts and has the highest safety record of any loadmaster in the industry.  Oliver is an avid sailor and has captained some of the most historic sailing yachts in the world.  His engineering skills make him an excellent liasion with both yacht builders and ship owners and helps to ensure the safe loading and offloading of your prized asset.
Carlos Ramirez
Carlos RamirezLoadmaster Specialist
Mr. Ramirez acting as loadmaster for the last 7 years, handling over 4000+ yachts, from small boats to super yachts up to 380 tons and 160 feet in length.  Trained as an engineer, loading yachts was the next step, learned from the bottom started as a topside (person on board the yacht prior to loading, assisting the loadmaster), mastered the yacht loading process, he knows and understands how to load, maneuver, and secure  the yachts on board of sea going vessels, he works hard to provide a safe loading avoiding any hassle either to the yacht owner or ship operators.

Who Is Marine Heavy Lift Services?

Navigating in troubled waters requires a competent crew-

Cultivate an association with each of our customers based upon the principles found in the most successful friendships. Fundamentals such as trust, respect, honor, caring and a common idea of what is important to all of us.
We believe we are in the relationship business and safely moving your yacht is the outcome.
We will always act according to our core values and beliefs.
We will never forget that you have a choice when it comes to yacht shipping and we will always try to make you choose us.


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