Welcome To Raven Offshore Yacht Shipping

Raven Offshore Yacht Shipping and Yacht Transportation is a direct service provider in the Yacht as cargo shipping sector. We provide reliably scheduled ships, all lifting gear, cradling, specialist loadmasters and other tangible assets to move yachts between the East and West Coasts of North America. Our decks are available to yacht owners, forwarders and consolidators. We are dedicated to providing you with excellent Yacht Transportation services worldwide.

Who Is Raven Offshore Yacht Shipping?

Our Mission
Cultivate an association with each of our customers based upon the principles found in the most successful friendships. Fundamentals such as trust, respect, honor, caring and a common idea of what is important to all of us.
Our Philosophy
We believe we are in the relationship business and safely moving your yacht is the outcome.
Our Vision
We will always act according to our core values and beliefs.
Our Promise
We will never forget that you have a choice when it comes to yacht shipping and we will always try to make you choose us.

Our Market

Yacht Transportation 95%
Equipment 60%
Cargo 55%
Machinery 50%


Our Associations