“I have to say that I was thoroughly impressed with everything, and I don’t give out compliments easily. I have been in the service business for over 40 years and it is rare when I can honestly say that I got good service and almost never when I can say that I got as good or better service than what I have provided to my customers for the last 40+ years. You are in a difficult business with little to no control over the logistics. You are at the mercy of the shipping lines, the ports and the weather. During the entire process you kept me completely informed especially when the loading got delayed. Certain things are completely out of your hands like the welding issue that came up in Fort Lauderdale, but keeping your clients informed, good news or bad is not. Arranging to have one of the deck hands to clean the bottom while it was on deck was definitely appreciated . Additionally, allowing me to board the Tiberborg and meet the Captain and be able to first hand watch and experience the process was amazing and an experience I won’t forget. Your service was above and beyond my expectations and you can feel free to refer any potential customer to me and will tell them the exact same thing. As you know, this was my first experience shipping a boat. I hope to have the opportunity to ship Sheer Luck back to Florida some day when I retire and I will definitely call you. Thanks again for looking after my new toy, it was in great hands and arrived in excellent condition.”  Tom Carroll, Sheer Luck