SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE- July 17, 2013- Raven Offshore Yacht Shipping a worldwide leader in yacht shipping and yacht transportation just announced their Eastbound and Westbound sailing routes. The recent launch of Raven Offshore Yacht Shipping ( provides West Coast-based yacht owners with the opportunity to safely and reliably ship their vessels to Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades, FL), along with popular destinations in Europe as well as China.

Founded by Seattle-based insurance broker Rick Gladych, and Anthony Utley of Raven Marine Services in British Columbia, Ship Raven charters from a fleet of six geared freight-transport vessels owned by Grieg Star Lines, a Norway-based firm. Raven Offshore Yacht Shipping was launched in early June.

The next scheduled West Coast shipping departs between August 20 to Sep 05 from Ship Raven’s base of Vancouver, B.C., with arrival in Ensenada, Mexico five days later. All of Raven Offshore’s transport routes adhere to a strict fixed schedule, with only a 10 percent deposit required to secure ship’s deck booking.

Along with hundreds of yacht owners based on both the West and East coasts, a number of San Diego-based yachters were adversely impacted by the recent closure of a major shipping operator that serviced those ports of call.

“The ability to once again successfully transport high-value vessels from one coast to the other and beyond to Europe without needless safety concerns or legal hassles, is a very welcome development,” said Kate Pearson, president of the San Diego Superyacht Association.

“We are pleased to endorse Raven Offshore Yacht Shipping as a new member, worthy of our clients’ full trust and confidence,” added Pearson. “We pledge to support their operations in every way.”

Westbound routes: North Europe (Holland); Port Everglades, FL; Ensenada, Mexico; Vancouver, B.C.; Asia
Eastbound routes: Asia; Vancouver, B.C.; Ensenada, Mexico; Port Everglades, FL; North Europe (Holland)

About Raven Offshore Yacht Shipping-
Raven Offshore Yacht Shipping is a direct service provider in the Yacht as cargo shipping sector. They provide reliably scheduled ships, all lifting gear, cradling, specialist loadmasters and other tangible assets to move yachts between the East and West Coasts of North America. Decks are available to yacht owners, forwarders and consolidators. For more information, please visit

About the San Diego Superyacht Association: 
Formed in 2005 as a non-profit coalition, the San Diego Superyacht Association actively markets San Diego’s marine-oriented attractions to the world’s superyacht fleet. The membership of SDSA includes San Diego’s leading marinas and shipyards, along with a wide range of first-class superyacht service providers. For more information, please visit

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Raven Offshore Yacht Shipping Debuts on West Coast